On Gabriele JUVAN: Communikation as Art

Gabriele Juvan studied journalism at the German School of Journalism and communications at the University of Munich. Since 1990, she did numerous projects and installations on communication in public spaces. Among others

seit 2003Keynote Congo: Extending the Limits of the Possible
2011The Flaneurs, Architectural Summer Rhein-Main, on the roof of Town Hall OF and neighboring buildings
 Table Party, vogelfrei 9 biannual, Hunting Castle DA-Kranichstein
2010Packing a Suitcase, Workshop for Handicapped People from OFs twin cities
2009Parcours Offenbach Pictures (Tour to 16 Places of Civil Activity in a City)
 The Flaneurs, vogelfrei 8 Biannual (Installation on the roofs of Darmstadtium Conference Centre and 3 buildings of the Technical University)
2008The Arrvial of the Máhu, mainseits Art Festival, Homburg Castle, Homburg/Triefenstein (Installation) The Blue Flower, Open Gardens, Rastenberg/Thuringia (Cocoon)
2007Le Temps des Cerises, ni vu ni connu Series/Luxemburg Cultural Capital of Europe 2007 (Installation/Communication Project)
2006Seven Days – A Space on Genesis, Schloss Church, Offenbach
2005The Blue Flower, for vogelfrei 6 Biannual, Darmstadt Crocodile Lounge, German Leather Museum, Offenbach (Cocoon)
2001 -2004Offenbach Pictures (Comunication Project with 1.200 participants)
2003Six Houses, vogelfrei 5 Biannual, Darmstadt
2001A Roof for Offenbach (Communication Project/Installation)
2000Driving Curtain, Rumpenheim De Goude Eeuw, Goedereede/NL (Installation)
1992 -1999The Five Cities Project/ Das Fünf Städte Projekt (Commincation Project) with stops in Frankfurt, New York, Prag, Moskau und Tokyo
1990The Penguin’s Rose Symposium, Frankfurt
2006Culture Award of the City of Offenbach Jury Statement: “...for her innovative works and artistic projects, through which she stages in public spaces art as a form of communication and communication as art in an exceptional way. Through these projects she successfully reunited locally and internationally human beings of different generations and cultural backgrounds.”
2005Keynote Congo: Extending the Limits of the Possible, 11. International Performance Studies Conference, Brown University, Providence/RI
2001The Five Cities Project, 7. International Performance Studies Conference, University of Mainz/Germany Kontakt: Büro Gabriele Juvan – Menschen Begegnungen Dialoge, Luisenstr. 63,63067 Offenbach, Germany, Tel. +49 /(0)69/ 82 36 52 18, Mail info@juvan.de www.juvan.de