in 1990 the author heike reich and i discussed scepticism about the external world and whether reality is intersubjectively graspable. our answer to this was: the penguin's rose.

we held a two day symposium for which we invited eight participants from fields such as visual arts, music, design, literature, food and film. the group's performances in public spaces were unanounced. we had vanished almost before our audience realized it was one. rudi seitz, who worked on cultural affairs for the city of frankfurt, was the first who identified our work as conceptual art - something we did not ourselves recognize at the time.

since then penguins and roses seem to me like signposts. often seen apart and very rarely together, they are sometimes associated with people and sometimes with places.

the penguin's rose is the theoretical foundation of my work. although penguins and roses could never exist in the same environment, here they form inseparable parts of a unit.