sketchbook ... what's on my mind:


something to cope with: art comes out on location. nowhere else. again and again[more]


after being back from nyc, after being back from goedereede the pressing question: what is an image? how do i make it visible if it is fleeting? how much close looking can i ask for? [more]


bye-bye nest...[more]


... see you soon, ursula![more]


right before dismantling: the last two guests [more]


wendy as hollywood-style ornithologist: flute concert with bird's voices on hudson avenue[more]


timo from helsinki follows on skype michael's, beth's and ursula's 'bird color music' concert. on the occasion of NEST's  finale, he hears the colors of his bird fotos transferred into a score for sounds..... [more]


beth, michael and ursula (sitting in the nest with her flute) rehearse for 'bird color music': what are the sounds for ip hung's and timo's 56 bird fotos?[more]


light on the beach ...  and at night roland ramos plays a concert @ gaia with his songs .... just for ursula, richard & me ..... 'this guy is a poet' says richard[more]


pat, v. & me after dim sum lunch[more]


meeting again with wendy luck - 18 years after her rose ausländer recital for 'five cities project'! [more]


ursula - the coolest cat in town![more]


david with unknown 'rapt' object [more]


poets lehman and angela and m. after david gave them wings and taught them to fly. a magic moment in hudson ave.: 'the man with the crystal plumage'! (see timetable)[more]


night scene in cannons walk: towards the end of the opening of 'floating high. a space to simply be'[more]


jacquie in 'women at work' t-shirt and 'little man'[more]


sean in shop window of jacquie's pop-up shop 'admittobitter': music, fashion, art - all one-of-a-kind and 'handmade in new york'[more]


does this bend a little further? sculpturer michael poast and his friend jim push the reaction of metal to its limits[more]


heaven 1 + light to bright to see + cardboard cut-out clouds + lit up with sunlight - god's light. ++ why can't i see the angels and cherubim + dashing with swords aflame + to vanquish the lord's enemies? + there are so many enemies! + how does the Holy One (blessed be He) manage? ++ the blue part is fire. + full of souls. + only an illusion - a mirage + the daylight is to bright. + evanescent bird song. + permanent in Heaven. +++ angela d. weiselbaum's bird poem, written for NEST [more]


a bird's eye view ++ free as a bird in hand, i had a bird's-eye view, as birds in their little nests agreed, flocking together, early birds devouring the worm, not eating like a bird this time, as fine feathers made fine birds, flipping the bird to a life for the birds, not being the ill bird that fouls its own nest, killing two birds with one stone a passing bird told me who happened by on the bird, his mission some birds and the bees errand, a bird-brain, strictly for the birds, not realizing his bird had flown. +++ nathan versace's bird poem, written for NEST [more]


vernita as butoh-punk crow extracts fortune eggs from the nest [more]


Jean Betancourt @ Nest[more]


... the skyscraper which fills the void of world trade center[more]


french rapper from lyon. or: with a pidgeon cap in nest[more]


right behind manhattan bridge lies vinegar hill with its quiet but upcoming hudson avenue. 2 blocks down in d.u.m.b.o., luxury lofts for mulitmillionaires are opposite the street from 'the projects' (which in fact exist much longer). hard to believe with a european mind.[more]




marlon taking a picture of 'you go girl'[more]


two performance artist buddies: david rodgers und krzysztof zarebski (futurist). they'll bring their new performance to NEST on august 16 (s. timtetable)[more]


arriving at gallery GAIA, D.U.M.B.O. brooklyn[more]


NEST ahead: saturday night, manhattan skyline approaching[more]


waste disposal expert peter postleb gets SculpturTrashSculpture yellow press coverage: BILD (as well as the New York Times) reported when he disposed a piece of art as trash whilst he was known as frankfurt's 'waste sheriff'. now they write about how he helps to make our (real/social) sculpture come true. [more]


SculptureTrashScupture grows: among participants and audience. using the trash of frankfurt's friedberger anlage park. till sept 20 (see timetable)[more]


starting in 2 weeks: SculpturTrashSculpture. a social and a seizable sculpture. organically growing form may 18 - sept 30 in frankfurt's wallanlagen park. (s. timtetable)[more]


'a magical field for walter b.' - now ready. part of my installation is the transparent boat of sculptor gabriele nippel. for luminale 2014 - biannual of light culture lighted from inside. (more fotos: 'timetable' and 'sketchbook'; project gallery comes soon)[more]


luminale 2014: 'a magical field for walter b.' - still in daylight[more]


'a magical field for walter b.', test for setting-up 5 and end (infos: s. timetable 30.03.2014)[more]


'a magical field for walter b.', aufbau-test 4 [more]


'a magical field for walter b.', test for setting-up 3 [more]


the idea is a sign of the things, and the image is a sign of the idea, therefore a sign of a sign. but from the image i reconstruct, if not the body, then the idea that others had of it.       (umberto eco: the name of the rose, unauthorized translation)[more]


'a magical field for walter b.', test for setting-up 2 [more]


'a magical field for walter b.', test for setting-up 1 [more]


beauty no. 10, - the end - (infos: see sketchbook 18.02.2014)[more]


beauty no. 9 [more]


beauty no. 8 [more]


beauty no. 7 [more]


beauty no. 6 [more]


beauty no. 5[more]


beauty no. 4[more]


beauty no. 3 [more]


beauty, no. 2 [more]


beauty, no. 1. impression from a research tour for my new communication project 'sculpture trash sculpture'. please watch it growing during  'stadtlabor wallanlagen' exhibition of frankfurt's museum of history. running from from may to september 2014. more details soon. thanx, peter postleb, for the excursion through the belly of the city! [more]


'annerose esszimmer II 20'. one of 21 manually colored stills for a  film clip called 'annerose'.  a joint venture by artist colleague roza rueb and me. goes netwards this spring. more infos soon.[more]



next monday the book about 'five cities project' goes into print. who would have thought that?! it is the first artifact which makes the whole  process visible: temporary spaces for encounter in frankfurt, new york, prague, moscow and tokyo. 35 guest artists and about 150 volunteers contributed to 'five cities', left their mark on what 'five cities' became. the book has many pictures and short English texts. buy it from end of march on or send your mail order right now to (19,80 €). the money is used to refinance the production costs. have a look and enjoy! [more]



paris passages II: révérence à vous, daniel[more]


paris passages (and arcades), part I: for you, walter! [more]


an angel's wings[more]


visitors in my cocoon 'in tenebris' (luminale 2012, until april 20, 18-23 h; see timetable)[more]


being handy to create art: dieter and jens after setting up the gate of light for 'in tenebris' (lat. in the darkness). more about ' luminale' biannual see 'timetable'[more]


david straßburger's studio shot for my upcoming cocoon 'in tenebris'.[more]


knitting a noise tapestry: offenbach hopes for a permanent night landing stop  on frankfurt airport's newest runway. a little sleep helps to cope with the days! [more]





the shadows in terrence malick's work (but just those) [more]


wie schwer, die wahrheit aus dem schnee zu locken,    wie schwer, dem eis der erde zu entstammen,      und seine pracht wie eine sense mitzuschleppen,     die davon träumt, dass köpfe rollen sollen,     bis die verhaltensmuster sinnvoll werden.     sei sinnlos, dann ist groß deine natur!     wie schön, den himmel an der schnur zu führen! - inger christensen, das gemalte zimmer (suhrkamp 1996)[more]


found this thought in walter benjamin's 'arcades project': the silhouette is the image of a person who passes us by. [more]


remembering that you are going to die is the best way i know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. you are already naked. -  steve jobs, stanford commencement address 2005[more]


in fact it meant,  i didn't remember anything that had happened - but i remembered the spaces in which it had done so. i remembered all places where i had been, all rooms in which i had stayed. i just didn't remember what had taken place in them. - karl ove knausgard, sterben (luchterhand 2011, unauthorized translation)[more]


summer academy at homburg castle: kirsten and i draw in nature. an i-phone with us all the time. what's the meaning of an image?[more]


daniel buren, metz: simple tools and a space -   a great set of works! [more]


for vogelfrei biannual, my silhouettes of hunters and gatherers move to the  19th century dining room of kranichstein hunting castle. an overlayering (melting?) of time zones: the ambiance of the room, the archaic silhouettes and the visitors in the space. [more]


kunstansichten open studios 2011: the visitors come, bring an artifact from their life and press a stop watch. i draw what is dear to them in 60 sec. after a 2-day exhibit of artifacts and sketches, the visitors regain their property and receive the drawing as a gift.[more]


From today I can change contents of this website myself. Please come back to see the changes that will happen more often!     *:-)[more]


parking, karlsruhe (day trip to see the nancy holt show)[more]


berggruen collection, berlin[more]


heads of prince jussuf. done at the exhibition of else lasker-schueler’s drawings, jewish museum frankfurt. this one is rare, precious and absolutely worth seeing![more]


jasnaja poljana, great salt lake[more]


werkstätten hainbachtal and bettina joest from the city adiministration think that twinning projects between cities should as well be lived between mentally or emotionallly handicapped people. The guests come from velletri/italy, esch-sur-alzette/luxemburg, mödling/austria und köszeg/hungary to offenbach. with the whole group, uschi zepter and I created suitcases, containing the things of their  hearts.[more]


castel del monte, italy, 2010[more]


mesut özil plays soccer with the elegance of a dancer. a boy from the neighborhood gave me this sticker as a present. he was proud that i find özil great (and because this guy made it in Germany). [more]


no, there’s nothing behind it. i want to remain on the first glance. i want to gain or regain the first glance on the city in which I live. - franz hessel, a flaneur in berlin (1929)[more]


 at present photographer yutaka kushima is here in germany. he took photos of ernst may’s bauhaus housing in frankfurt. now he is berlin to shoot bruno taut’s settlement in britz. yutaka’s topics are city and sea scapes, devoid of any human beings. but humans are always present in the traces they have left. monday night we show some of yutaka’s b/w work here in offenbach in the artist’s studio house b71.[more]


ice skater mao asada is a princess. her skating is wonderful. at the moment her biggest problem is her mind. she doesn’t get lost any more when she’s skating. here she is a couple of weeks ago after a competition in moscow. in her disappointment she looks like a japanese wood-print of ukiyo-e.[more]