20.09.2014 -
SculptureTrashSculpture - closing 3

the 'social sculpture' behind the sculpture: through their interventions, individuals give shape to  their environment. by transcending limits. eventually, they thus create art. this is what joseph beuys thinks. and this is what the team of SculptureTrashSculpture was heading to achieve[more]

20.09.2014 -
SculptureTrashSculpture - closing 2

it was raining cats and dogs ... but who cares?![more]

20.09.2014 -
SculptureTrashSculpture - the closing

friday, we'll finish building SculptureTrashSculpture. on saturday, we want to celebrate with you: +++ the sculpture made from garbage which the visitor's of frankfurt's 'friedberger anlage' park have thrown away in the last three months   +++ the simulation of the amount which we had to throw away (being organic!) +++ the social sculpture (joseph beuys) which has been growing among our team members despite all ups and downs in a most natural way (hell: we're all just human beings!) +++  'stadtlabor unterwegs'of historic museum frankfurt, which made our project possible +++ come for coffee, cake and sunshine +++ next to the sculpture, friedberger anlage 24, opposite friedA's building in the park +++ sat, sept. 20,  3-5 p.m. (stadtlabor wallanlagen, station 47). we'll be happy to meet you![more]

29.08.2014 -
goedereede (netherlands): poezie met lichtbollen

goedereede is a little old town in the south of holland on an island in the rhine delta. there, my shimmering balloons float for one night above the basin of the old harbor. accompanied by the music of the band 'assassenachs' from groningen. see this and more events of the 'kunstdag goedereede'. friday, from 6 pm, www.kunststichtinggoedereede.nl[more]

22.08.2014 -
NEST closing: bird color music

NEST / closing +++ hear a concert on the bird fotos of lin ip hung and timo leppäharju +++ performed with the color music system of michael poast (composer, sculpturer), ursula clark (whistler, vocals, flute) and beth bailis (reciting edgar allen poe's the raven) +++ wendy luck & her flute as hollywood style ornothologist +++ come to say a farewell to NEST & all its wonderful contributing artists and audience +++ @ gallery GAIA, 79, hudson avenue, dumbo/vinegar hill 7-9 pm +++ THANK you all ... we keep on making each other stronger![more]

16.08.2014 -
NEST: the man with the crystal plumage

NEST: meet the bird night no. 2 +++ see david rodgers & his performance 'the man with the crystal plumage' (8 pm) +++ discover this week's bird fotos of lin ip hung & timo leppäharju +++ meet neighbors, friends and more +++ all nice people welcome! +++ @ gallery GAIA, 79 hudson avenue, dumbo/vinegar hill, 6-9 pm[more]

15.08.2014 -
cannons walk: floating high

for a moment of rest within a livid neighborhood: 'floating high. a place to simply be'. in the quiet yard of 'cannons walk', part of the southstreet seaport area, lower manhattan[more]

15.08.2014 - 20.08.2014
cannons walk: floating high. a place to simply be

'floating high. a place to simply be' is my second space related piece in new york. to be found at southstreet seaport,  right next to wall street district. cannon's walk is a dreamy little yard in the middle of a bustling neighborhood. for some days it gets the dreamlike feel of a little italian piazza. a place to rest for bypassing tourists, business people and the residents of the historic high end buildings. in collaboration with: ursula clark (sculptures), david rodgers (performance) and sean carolan (sound). cannons walk, 206 front street, opening: friday, 6-9 pm, open dailiy: 9 am-11 pm[more]

15.08.2014 -

08.08.2014 -
NEST: meet the bird night no. 1

come on friday to +++ see a bird performance by vernita n'cognita +++ hear bird music by jan +++ listen to bird poems of various contributors +++ meet a bunch of great people! @ gallery GAIA, 79, hudson avenue, 6-9 pm [more]

06.08.2014 -
NEST: guests 2

hudson avenue is a picturesque littel cobble stone street  in dumbo/vinegar hill. people who walk it come from all over the world. here you see amy from korea as a sleeping beauty in the nest[more]

03.08.2014 -
NEST: host ursula clark

ursula clark is a well-known personality in brooklyn's art scene. as a sculpturer she creates site-specific pieces from organic materials. as a curator she's done a lot of shows. ursula runs GAIA gallery in upcoming vinegar hill neighborhood since last year. together, we have built the nest in which i sleep. it happened almost without talking. this is how we came to know each other in a blink.. here she strums the guitar with her old friend fred [more]

02.08.2014 -
NEST: guests 1

3 guys from brooklyn on a foto tour. 2 have digital cameras. 1 an analogue minolta. he learnt to use it from youtube videos. to take pictures on film is 'more precise', he thinks[more]

01.08.2014 -
gallery GAIA: NEST opening

host/gallerist/sculptorer ursula clark & i have built the nest in which i sleep. audience of the gallery can try it out during the daytime. and they love it. THANX, ursula, for your hospitality and friend ship. gallery opening hours: sat/sun 2-6 pm. or on application: t. +347 53 68 525. [more]

30.07.2014 -
NEST: ip hung's & timo's 'bird dialogue'

bird fotographers ip hung from hongkong and timo from helsinki mail 1 of their bird fotos/per day to NEST. their amazing 'bird dialogue' fills step by step the central wall. both meet & communicate for the first time & only through their pix! [more]

26.07.2014 - 24.08.2014
new york city: NEST

meet me at ursula clarke's gallery GAIA in broklyn's D.U.M.B.O. neighborhood (details see flyer). for GAIA, I create NEST - a space for big and small birds. circumstantial occurences shape its character. among others, it holds a nest in which i sleep. guest artists: lin ip hung (hongkong), timo leppäharju (helsinki), david rodgers and krzysztof zarebski (new york). more to come... [more]

14_07_23_NEST_flyer_einzeln_01.pdf46 K

12.07.2014 -
SculptureTrashSculpture / halftime party of stadtlabor

the open-air 'stadtlabor wallanlagen' exhibition of historical museum frankfurt has half-time. meet our team at SculptureTrashSculpture from 15-17 h and see what has grown until now as a real and a social sculpture (wallanlagen park, in front of friedA-building, friedberger anlage 24). and if you can't come: toby (one of the park cleaners) shows the daily progress on www.facebook.com SkulpturMüllSkulptur[more]

20.06.2014 -

in memoriam HOLGER (who died 18.06.2014) +++ he was one of our team[more]

21.05.2014 - 20.09.2014

the name says it all: till sept. 20 grows a sculpture for 'stadtlabor wallanlagen' exhibition in frankfurt. made from: the trash found in the park. made by a group who forms a 'social sculpture': irene meyer and the park cleaners of the drug relief organisation FriedA e.V., dieter and me. would joseph beuys be happy? where: frankfurt, park in front of friedberger anlage no. 24, 24 h/day, for 104 days.[more]


18.05.2014 - 20.09.2014
stadtlabor wallanlagen: SculptureTrashSculpture

today 14h: opening of 'stadtlabors wallanlagen' - a site-specific project of frankfurt's museum of history. together with the cleaning team of friedA - an institution for drug addicts and those who quit, i create SculpturTrashSculpture. sculpture will be made from the trash collected in wallanlagen park during the 3 months of stadtlabor. you want to come to today's opening of stadtlabor? ticket reservation necessary on www.wallanlagen.stadtlabor-unterwegs.de (maybe sold out)[more]

performances / a magical field for walter b.

boat an balloons start shimmering with the break of dawn (20-23h). performances with judith hildmann / carolina bâ (pois) and logan breudji (voice) 20.30h, 21.30h, 22.30h [more]

30.03.2014 -
luminale 2014: a magic field for walter b.

for one night 'a magic field for walter b.' is lit : at the riverside steps of the river main, a boat idles, lit from inside. gently shimmering balloons float above the water. light acrobats write characters into the air. a tribute to  philosopher walter benjamin who wrote about the magic behind language and things. (banks of the river main, rudererdorf frankfurt-oberrad, mainwasenweg 32, 19.30-23 h)[more]

31.03.2014 -
performances / a magical field for walter b.

" (...) each message of spiritual content is language," writes walter benjamin, "whilst a message in words is just a special case (...)". (for more: walter benjamin, über sprache überhaupt und über die sprache des menschen, gesammelte werke bd. 2, unauthorized translation) 'a magical field for walter b.' creates an image. can it express something of the 'spiritual being' inherent in an object.....?   [more]

07.02.2014 -
elevator lounge, tübingen

this is a night with penguins, roses, travelling, being a foreigner ... and what arriving in a place can be about. the performative discussion comes with host marcus baumgart's tasty cocktails as well as with penguin and rose music from his elaborate record collection. marcus' elevator-lounge takes place in his wonderfully hospitable second-hand bookshop "13 qm" in the german university town of tübingen where markus lives as well. if you're in the neighborhood: don't miss the evening with this great host (gölzstr. 22, ab 20.30h)[more]

15.11.2013 -
read to children day 2014

you want to know how to find a treasure at the end of the rainbow? .... and if not: at least, how to find a new friend! then join us from 9 - 9.25 h in offenbach's children's  library. as an artist guest, i read to elementary school kids the story of the treasure cove on holly island. because the real images start growing in our mind..... [more]

17.08.2013 - 19.08.2013
workshop 'a place and its secrets'

how to discover the hidden treasures of an unknown place? in this year's workshop for summer academy in schloss homburg i teach the approach used for 'the five cities' project in frankfurt, prague, moscow, new york and tokyo. artists and non-artists welcome. tutorials and indivual coaching. sat-mon 10-17h. attendance also possible daywise and on short notice. contact: kunst in schloss homburg, tel. +49/(0)9395/87 78 88. www.kunstinschlosshomburg.de [more]

Sommerakademie2013_Aussen_web.pdf246 K
Sommerakademie2013_Innen_web.pdf185 K

17.08.2013 -
studio talk on 'five cities project'

looking through the windows of elvira lantenhammer's picturesque studio in schloss homburg, you see vineyards and the river main passing by. upstream, the river heads for the danube, the black sea and the pacific. downstream it links homburg to the rhine, the north sea and the pacific. it's the perfect place for a studio talk about 'the five cities' project! location: schloss homburg, schlossplatz 3, homburg-triefenstein (next to wurzburg), tel. +49/(0)9395/87 78 88. time: 19-20h. all open-minded travellers welcome. entrance for free.[more]

03.07.2013 -
creative professional's summer party

a 'red thread' leads colleagues from other creative professions from the courtyard of ostpol center in offenbach to büro juvan's presentation in the 1st floor. the business development agency has invited us to do this. we're heading for new cooperations. being open for change is a precondition for continuity.[more]

27.04.2013 - 28.04.2013
kunstansichten 2013

more than 120 artists participate in 'kunstansichten' - weekend of the open studios' in offenbach. visitors to my studio are invited to built little boxes. i ask them to write down inside 'an event which has changed your life'. in two days 59 little boxes get built and fixed on a white plate. all life-changing experiences can be found in a new virtual box on www.five-cities-project.de [more]

27.04.2013 - 28.04.2013
kunstansichten (weekend of the open studios)

30.10.2012 -
a dialogue on economy and art

company consultant dagmar döring and i talk about the complementary capacities of economy and art - and where they differ, as well. the evening makes part of  the 'week of communication' in the rhein-main area. our venue matches the occasion: it is the 'window to the city' right in the heart of frankfurt.[more]

04.08.2012 -
wedding party of jessi and dennis


04.08.2012 -

.... and cloud are the symbols which jessi and dennis have chosen for their marriage. i build a sun and a cloud for their wedding party. in 4m height, they will hang from the ceiling.[more]

27.06.2012 -
walter benjamin's arcades of paris

welcome to a lounge abend at christine wagner gallery (cwg), offenbach. let me offer a glance on german philosopher walter benjamin's  19th century paris: arcades as ancestors of our shopping malls, cast iron as a revolutionary construction material and flaneurs as a new type of city dweller. benjamin shows how we grasp the full implications of technological progress only with a delay. thoughts, more up to date then ever. cwg, 19h, mathildenstr. 18 (following berliner str., right after the fleemarket store). [more]

06.05.2012 -

... and THANX to wolfgang malik & of-nordend boxing club for lending the gloves. good luck for the upcoming championship fights, boys![more]

06.05.2012 -
boxing club

since long, sarah baumann of t-raum theatre dreamt of an art project on the declaration of  human rights. for sunday afternoon she invited 30 collaborators from theatre, music and art to play scenes and create interventions on one of the 30 articles. if you want to do a sparring on art. 3 (the right to security of person): come to my boxing club in buesing park, offenbach (next to a tree in the park's center, 16.15 h and 17.15 h, 30 min each). guitarist talib richard vogl accompanies the sparring on his gitalele. complete guided tours start 15h and 16.30h from klingspor museum. in case of rain, the whole project takes place in the museum. details on: www.of-t-raum.de .... (it was raining. so all took place in the spaces and arcades of klingspor museum. 380 (!) visitors within 3 hours. a very, very cool project. thanx, sarah, for taking up the topic and putting it (& us all) together.)[more]

23.04.2012 -
grimm's fairy tales in shop windows

it is the 'world day of the book': from 11 - 18h offenbach citizens read grimm's fairy tales in the shop windows of the city's main shopping street. if you want to hear 'six get around the world': come to hear me in the window of kaufhaus schneider, ca. 12h[more]

20.04.2012 -
in tenebris: finissage

starting 19.45h:  finissage of 'in tenebris': dress up in white. bring a camera. and everything white you can think of (skates? icebears? coco macaroons?) ......[more]

19.04.2012 -
in tenebris: RAumSequenzen

19.45h as a guest in the cocoon 'in tenebris': tom schüler plays a concerto with his trumpet and the accoustics of the church tower. space sounds, loops and layers on layers.  the duet of a musician and a tower (with dry acoustics). [more]

18.04.2012 -
in tenebris: prehistoric output/input

19.45h in the cocoon 'in tenebris': performance artist roza rueb wears a dress covered with the words of a sentence. visitors are invited cut out a word and type a sentence with this word on a typewriter. what grows is a new text composed of fragments. [more]

17.04.2012 -
in tenebris: ruins built, ruins grown

19.45h as guest in the cocoon 'in tenebris': landscape architect sascha döll, eisenach, talks about people's nostalgia as a reaction to technical progress. in 18 th and 19th century it was fashionable to built fake greek and roman  ruins in castle gardens.  currently, another part of the destroyed historic city center of frankfurt gets reconstructed. hightech with an ancient face. [more]

16.04.2012 -
in tenebris: marks on the skin

19.45 h as guests in the cocoon 'in tenebris': plastic surgeon prof. marianne schrader, lübeck, who did a lot of reconstruction surgery for burn and accident victims meets tattoo artist  björn of skin art tattoo, of-bieber. their topic: what can happen to a human's skin? [more]

15.04.2012 -
in tenebris: opening

at 20h opening of my new cocoon 'in tenebris'. built into the tower of 'alte schlosskirche' offenbach. here's an early shot of fotographer katja lenz. come if you can and try out how light and darkness feel. [more]

15.04.2012 - 20.04.2012
luminale 2012: in tenebris

for luminale biannual 2012, i'll create a new cocoon: in tenebris (in the darkness). this is a cooperation with Ev. Dekanat Offenbach and architect/lighting designer jens müller. the remains of a baroque churchtower become a space for encounter and rest. transformation - fragment - vulnerability. all these can easily be traced within the space. guest artists will take up more of it in nightly events. luminale comes with 'light & sound', the worlds biggest fair on lighting design in frankfurt. ++++ where: tower of Alte Schlosskirche (luminale-stop no. 25), kirchgasse 27 (the tiny street next to the castle) ++++ when: sun, april 15 - fri, april 20, 18-23 h ++++ vernissage: sun, april 15, 20h ++++ guests (at 19.45h) : plastic surgeon prof. marianne schrader and tattoo artist björn (mon), landscape archichtect sascha döll (tue), performance artist roza rueb (wed), tom schüler and his trumpet (thur) ++++ finissage: fri, april 20, 19.45 h[more]

03.03.2012 -
under milkwood

a heavy drinker from wales who makes us drunk with his words: dylan thomas. 12 people meet at gabriele und olaf nippel's home in bad homburg to read thomas' play for voices 'under milkwood'. a day's life in a city in wales. participants are welcome. the parts are short - reading without rehearsing possible. [more]

01.10.2011 -
vogelfrei 9 biannual: artist talk at castle kranichstein

last chance to see vogelfrei biannual in castle kranichstein. many artists will be present. at 14 h we can meet at my installation 'Tischgesellschaft' and enter the historic dining room. a great chance to take a seat on the table - under huge chandeliers and among the baroque portraits of celebrated stags as well as their antler trophies. www.vogelfrei.info [more]

30.09.2011 -
jour fixe at pete smith's

for the 'jour fixe' of frankfurt-based writer pete smith, i put together some ideas on art in public space, the background of my 'flaneurs' and - for sure - walter benjamin's thoughts on a modern metropolis. an invitation for this evening is possible on demand.[more]

03.09.2011 - 04.09.2011
architectural summer rhein-main: drawing the city

about 50 architects, artists and other creative workers (including me) participate in this two day-happening. we draw fast little sketches of buildings and structures. The project is curated by architect sepp held. the outcome can be seen during the opening of an a exhibition in offenbach's town hall (sept., 25, 2011, 13.   [more]

26.08.2011 -
fundraising auction

make your bid tonight for one of 30 artworks! starting 19h, there'll be a fundraising auction for offenbach's refuge for battered women including one of my first serigrafies. (opening bid: 150 euro; adress: bettinastr. 71 hh; more on: www.frauenhaus-offenbach.de)[more]

19.08.2011 - 21.08.2011
homburg and the world: workshop

during summer academy at homburg castle (near wurzburg), I'll teach a 2 day-workshop on how to access and how to picture places of interest in an unknown setting. an encounter with the lovely vine growing village, its surroundings and its people. open to beginners as well as advanced participants.[more]

Homburg_2011_Rueckseite.pdf110 K
Homburg_2011_Vorderseite.pdf131 K

14.08.2011 - 04.09.2011
asrm 2011: the flaneurs on the roofs

as a part of architectural summer rhein-main 2011 the 7 flaneurs stand on offenbach's town hall and 4 adjacent roofs. the flaneur's positions range from 2nd to 15th floor. they thus open the city space up to the sky. on invitation of the department of city planning's 'temporary gardens' programme.[more]

11.08.2011 - 26.08.2011
fundraiser for offenbach's refuge for women

artist exhibit and donate pieces in order to support offenbach's refuge for battered women. The pieces can be chosen and bought in an auction, aug. 26, 2011, 19h. Auctioneer is Olaf Meister, art lover and lawyer.  atelierhaus b71, bettinastr. 71 (hh), offenbach. [more]

18.06.2011 - 02.10.2011
vogelfrei 9-biannual: hunters and gatherers

site specific works of 20 artists from 6 countries  for the park and the interior of kranichstein hunting castle (near darmstadt). my space installation 'tischgesellschaft' (table party) unites acrylic plates with silhouettes of archaic hunters and gatherers, the interior of the 19th century dining room and today's visitors. www.vogelfrei.info[more]

07.06.2011 -
gabriele juvan and wilhelmsburg

artist talk about my projects in public spaces. discussion with claus kriegs of internationals garden show 2012 igs.kultwerk west, kleine freiheit 42, hamburg-altona, www.kultwerkwest.de[more]

14.05.2011 - 15.05.2011
weekend of the open studios

two days with 100 open artist's studios in offenbach. come to participate in my 'BildWechsel' project: you bring an artifact  from your life - i'll draw it within 60 sec. a growing exhibition with both artifacts and drawings - and in the end you get the drawing as a gift![more]

26.07.2014 - 22.07.2014
gallery GAIA: NEST

gallery GAIA; 79, hudson avenue; D.U.M.B.O. (brooklyn/new york), subway: A (york street)[more]